Gates: Windows ‘by far the most secure’ system; tries to use ‘Mac OS X secure through obscurity’ myth

“As the latest mass-mailing worm spread across the Internet on Monday (“‘MyDoom’ Windows virus spreads rapidly; Macintosh unaffected”), infecting many tens of thousands of Windows PCs with a program designed to attack the servers of Unix vendor SCO Group on 1 February, Gates stressed the importance of security to his company’s products, but said that competing vendors — such as SCO — were courting danger by sitting back,” Matt Loney reports for ZDNet UK.

“‘A high volume system like [Windows] that has been thoroughly tested will be by far the most secure,’ Gates told the audience at the Developing Software for the future Microsoft Platform conference at London’s Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre. ‘To say a system is secure because no one is attacking it is very dangerous,’ said Gates, referring to operating systems that have a smaller share of the desktop market, such as Apple Mac OS and Linux,” Loney reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’re tired of your lies, Mr. Gates. Are you scared of something, Bill? You sound it. Mac OS X is simply more secure than Windows and you know it. Nice try with the Mac OS X “security through obscurity” myth, but we all know the truth here, sorry. We went though all of this with the last Windows virus nightmare. Mac OS X and Linux are much more secure than Windows XP.


  1. Gates = walking asshole. And now he’s getting reamed. These viruses and worms for Windows have a number of people I know considering the Mac OS X alternative seriously. I’m sure Gates has focus group info telling him the same thing. I blame IBM for letting this pipsqueak, Kermit-voiced, greedy pussy get where he is today.

  2. “security through obscurity”
    That’s funny. Anyone can get source code for both Linux and MacOS X (Darwin). Only limited people has access to Windows code. So, which OS is using security through obscurity?

  3. If you were in Gates position, you would say the same. If MS ever admit just how insecure their products are, the class action suits would build up so quickly that Bill would end up living in a trailer park bemoaning that once he had it all.

  4. Spent most of the day consoling our customers who have infected pcs that there aren’t any for the Mac, and when I got the usual ‘but the Mac doesn’t run Word’, gave them a history lesson about the 20 year old’s roots!

    This should persuade a lot more people to take a long hard look at OSX.

    A friend of mine has just dropped out of his M$ training course, he now thinks the future lies in being a unix networking engineer that a M$ one.

  5. Yesterday, my poor little sister foolishly executed an attachment that accompanied an email to her from a friend in New Zealand. Well, well, well… Little sister’s Windows XP system then became infected and self-destructed in about five minutes.

    No doubt, my son will have to attend and reinstall Windows totally for about the fifth time in the last year. Yes, she shouldn’t have executed the attachment, and yes, she knows very little about computers despite being on line for about five years.

    Little sister just wants a computer to chat with her friends and to find new travel destinations on the web. So… the minute the iMac upgrades to a G5 – she will be switching. In the last year, four of my friends and relatives have dumped Windows for a Mac.

    Are you hearing the wind change direction, Mr. Gates? The leaves are rustling, and it looks like a full gale shaping up on the horizon, Billy.

  6. “Little sister just wants a computer to chat with her friends and to find new travel destinations on the web. So… the minute the iMac upgrades to a G5 – she will be switching.”

    Huh? What the hell does she need a G5 for if all she wants to do is chat and browse the Web? She could use practically any Mac for that, even a G3 (or earlier). Sounds like she’s procrastinating.

  7. Funny how Al Gore had the same problem during his “Global Warming” speech. Remember, that happened to on the coldest day of the year in NYC. Interesting gaff, that. So it is with tremendous irony that Gates would say, during the spread of one of 2004’s first worst Worms, that Windows is “secure”. Way to go Bill!

  8. I have never received an email with a Mac program attached. When you dbl-click it in Mail, does it just launch? Or is there a warning that it is a program that will run?

    Since a telltale “.exe” extension isn’t required, it would be hard to tell a program from a data file. The program could have a MS Word icon and end with “.doc”. The only way to tell would be if Mail (or the OS) warned you.

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