Gates: Windows ‘by far the most secure’ system; tries to use ‘Mac OS X secure through obscurity’ myth

“As the latest mass-mailing worm spread across the Internet on Monday (“‘MyDoom’ Windows virus spreads rapidly; Macintosh unaffected”), infecting many tens of thousands of Windows PCs with a program designed to attack the servers of Unix vendor SCO Group on 1 February, Gates stressed the importance of security to his company’s products, but said that competing vendors — such as SCO — were courting danger by sitting back,” Matt Loney reports for ZDNet UK.

“‘A high volume system like [Windows] that has been thoroughly tested will be by far the most secure,’ Gates told the audience at the Developing Software for the future Microsoft Platform conference at London’s Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre. ‘To say a system is secure because no one is attacking it is very dangerous,’ said Gates, referring to operating systems that have a smaller share of the desktop market, such as Apple Mac OS and Linux,” Loney reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’re tired of your lies, Mr. Gates. Are you scared of something, Bill? You sound it. Mac OS X is simply more secure than Windows and you know it. Nice try with the Mac OS X “security through obscurity” myth, but we all know the truth here, sorry. We went though all of this with the last Windows virus nightmare. Mac OS X and Linux are much more secure than Windows XP.


  1. Addendum from NoPCZone:
    Did anybody notice that the hackers are using Windows to attack SCO’s UNIX system? Why go the long way around? Because Windows is such a big and easy target. Windows is a Weapon of Mass Destruction. I’ll bet OBL uses a Dell.

  2. He’s right, it is the most thoroughly tested…tested by multi-millions of consumers who experience constant, multiple problems, security issues, and altogether unintuitiveness.

  3. It just goes to show that the drugs crisis in America goes all the way from pavement to penthouse.

    Please spare a minute to pray for Bill, Paul Thurrott (“Dell make the world’s best computers” was yesterday’s jewel of delusion) and millions of other substance abusers, and remind your kids: “Just Say No!”

    Go on, open your hearts.

  4. NoPCZone, nice flamebait, but we lost the Empire because two world wars left us bankrupt. War tends to do that.

    How much of your money is Dubya sending to Iraq again? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  5. “Security through obscurity” is nonsense.

    First, I fail to see how “9.3 million active OS X users” [quote from Jobs’ latest keynote] equates to being obscure.

    What would be a more cherished and potentially newsworthy event, being the 82,791st person to make a MS Windows virus or to be the very first to make a Mac virus? The creator of a successful Mac virus would be the focus of international attention, if not by the news media, I am quite sure Bill Gates would shout it from the roof tops himself and take out full page ads in every major newspaper in the world.

    To anger him further, he is also well aware that the vast majority of Mac users use no virus protection at all. And, STILL there hasn’t been a single self-replicating breach of security. A single Mac virus would be extraordinarily devastating. That, unto itself, makes the prize all the sweeter.

    Bill Gates has absolutely no proof that no one is interested in writing a Mac virus. Being a programmer himself, he is well aware that a Mac virus is the Holy Grail of programming, and there are thousands of people in search of the elusive code (probably, most are on MS payroll, working in Bill’s basement, not unlike Mr. Salt making his peanut factory workers look for Golden Tickets in the movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. See time index 00:15:42.)

  6. Has Comical Ali landed a knew job as Billyboy’s ghost writer?
    “I can see no viruses. Those viruses will be crushed by our secure operating system! Already thousands of viruses surrender every minute.”
    That’s real chuzpe! Talking about the security of Windows while yet another worm wiggles around the world. But Billboy may get away with it. After all, he’s been talking to politicians and business leaders. Talk about a clueless audience.

  7. NoPCZone: just to follow on from Dave H, that’s what happens when you fight two world wars on your own with the valued assistance of Australia, NZ and Canada between them for the best part of five years (1914-1916 and 1939-1942).

    It’s an irony that the USA rewarded the Axis for being an enemy under the Marshall plan, whilst forcing the UK into giving up an expensive empire allegedly because the USA wanted open access to Empire markets. Wish we could see the same commitment to commercial openness being practised in Iraq, where American firms are the main commercial beneficiaries.

    Maybe some perspective on history might be an idea.

    End of lecture.

  8. Well if you think Bill is bad read Paul T’s take on this.

    “A new email virus dubbed MyDoom is rapidly spreading across the Internet via UNIX mail servers, bringing with it a dangerous attachment”

    Yes it is spreading via UNIX mail servers Paul. Kinda like saying the FLU spreads thru the air.

    If it wasn’t Unix servers, it would be Windows servers that would be infected and then spread even more and leak all sorts of confidential emails everywhere.

    Like how he specifies that it spreads via UNIX serves, almost makes you think it is really due to bad UNIX writing and not Windseave.


  9. You can fool most of the people some of the time. Come on windoze users, WAKE UP. I wonder what the actual balance sheets would really look like for business if they factored in all the IT time and resources costs spent on viruses and security issues. Would their Duh-ell computers actually turn out to cheaper? I think not.

  10. NoPCZone:
    As a Brit, I don’t like Royalty, Nobility or titles either. It’s a relic of a different age. Plenty of Brits would gladly lose the monarchy.

    Having said that, these awards are just awards. America gives The Presidential Medal of Freedom. It’s given by the head of state. The British head of state is The Queen, so these things are equivalent.

    There are campaigns here to distance these awards from the Monarchy and from the out-dated ‘British Empire’. Many people refuse the awards offered due to these associations. The most recent of note was poet Benjamin Zephaniah. Shortly afterwards, Independent journalist Yasmin Alahbi-Brown returned hers. These people appreciate getting an award for outstanding efforts, but would prefer one not seeped in undesireable history.

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