If Apple Mac has such small market share, why are Macs in so many TV shows and movies?

“It seems like you can’t turn on the television without seeing an Apple computer. Apple’s unparalleled product placement efforts have landed it on more than 1,500 TV movies and series over the years, from ‘Friends’ to ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,'” Bob Keefe writes for Cox News Service.

“On the big screen, Apple is just as popular, showing up in hits from ‘You’ve Got Mail’ to ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 days.’ In fact, in the summer of 1996 Apple computers had cameo roles in a trifecta of blockbusters: ‘Mission: Impossible,’ ‘Independence Day’ and ‘Ransom,'” Keefe writes.

“Mac aficionados are quick to note that in many movies and shows – such as television’s ’24’ or the big screen’s ‘Austin Powers’ – Apple is the computer of choice for the good guys, while bad guys often use Windows-based PCs,” Keefe writes. “If Hollywood likes to imitate life, why does a computer that commands only about 3 percent of the personal computer market play so well in the pictures?”

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  1. MacFinn: And let’s not forget the fact that not only could Jeff Goldblum’s Powerbook talk to Windows systems, but it was actually compatible with technology from a completely different star system. That’s what I call commitment to standards.

  2. Apple has a special marketing team devoted to placing macs in films/tv etc… I cannot remember the name of the dept. MacCentral(I think) did a piece on it a few years back.

  3. Too bad we won’t be around in a thousand years when some future archeologist starts to view all this old TV and does an analysis and determines that the Mac was the dominant platform of this era (well, we know it is in many ways already, but not in the way that will be postulated by all this TV exposure)…

  4. Besides, when all of your technical people have macs, why not put your own computer in, it saves on cost. It’s not like any of them run mac os, though…it’s some other operating system with buttons like “hack into system” or “upload secret missile plans.” Something that moves in a 3d space. Such as jurrasic park…the little girl says “this is a unix system, I know this…” and she’s navigating sometype of battletank vector graphics system.

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