ZDNet’s Coursey praises iPod but takes a subtle dig at Macintosh



  1. MDN: Let’s cut Coursey a little slack. He knows who puts his food on the table, so he threw in a bone at the very end. Heck, if he didn’t include that jab he probably wouldn’t have been published.

  2. Why cut a writer slack for writing / implying something false? Keep this up MDN, as this will help us identify what’s going on and force writers to be accountable. Coursey will enjoy my email and the link back to this MDN article. Cut him slack? Come on, Bomby, get with it!

  3. Geez, give him a break, this is ridiculous. He’s not spreading any FUD! He’s just simply not being a 100% Mac zealot here. The article was very complimentary of the iPod and Macs in general both. If all articles were this nice toward Macs I’d be thrilled! Some people need to get a life and not be so touchy all the time, geez, Coursey wasn’t bashing Macs at all. While I can’t stand Windows and I love Macs and OS X, I realize they aren’t perfect either, no matter what some extremist people here might think. Just because someone doesn’t follow the company line 100% all of the time doesn’t mean they’re spreading FUD…save it for the CNETs of the world and get off this guy…

  4. oh come on, grow up the lot of you – mac users (and i am one, as well as a pc user) are such a blummin’ sensitive bunch! I can’t believe that you won’t allow a guy to possibly infer that he might want to use a windows machine for some jobs occasionally (maybe). Horses for courses – they’re all computers for crying out loud – they can all do lots of stuff! He’s not saying that Macs can’t do other stuff anyway – just stating a fact that people who don’t use a comp for music, video or photography are as likely to buy a windows machine…

    Relax, sit back, put your feet up – nobody’s going to take your precious Mac away from you! You don’t have to feel so threatened!

  5. Too bad he didn’t imply “that he might want to use a windows machine for some jobs occasionally,” bomber. He implies that for “things other than portable music, digital movies, or digital photography, you would want Windows.” Pacifist crap got us to 3% in 20 years. Grow some balls.

  6. Sounds to me like he’s saying that for those apps (music, movies, photos) you absolutely want a Mac, but for other things (presumably games, office crap, net stuff), Windows is an option as well.

    This doesn’t seem to me to be a damning statement.

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