iTunes Music Store for Windows due mid-October

“Apple, Newsweek learned, quietly informed some music insiders that it


  1. Wow – what a great little nugget couched in a HUGE article about the music industry and digital downloads and the big 5 and… and… and….’course it’s not something Apple wanted to have reported on, and since they didn’t want to talk about it, that’s as good as saying it’s more than likely more accurate than not, given prior experience with Apple “not talking” about big announcements prior to then actually announcing them…

  2. The iTunes Jukebox and Music Store will open the eyes of Millions of OS-challenged Windows users to what we have long come to expect as the standard here on the lighter side.

    And I would like to expect Apple might make a concurrent announcement of a vastly expanded song Library from independent labels and (hopefully) some big-name holdouts as well (e.g. The Beatles, Metallica, etc…)

  3. Hmmm. So Windows users in the US get the ITMS before Mac users in Europe? Much as I can understand the commercial imperatives I am disappointed and frustrated by this news.

  4. The European record industry is not monolithic. Every country has different label agreements with the artists. France, Germany, Italy, England and other EEC countries have to have their own iTMS. There are language differences, price differences, tax differences, etc. Look for a country by country roll out starting in the next several months.

  5. So Windows users in the US get the ITMS before Mac users in Europe?

    Well, there is an European keynote in just several hours, which would be an ideal time to introduce an EU iTunes music store, along with an iPod-ready SMART car and specialized iPods…

  6. If iTunes for Europe (well, France at least) is launched tonight then it would make sense to release iTunes for Windows world-wide next month. If non-American Windows users cannot make purchases through iTunes what would be the point of giving them the software?

  7. They say Apple is making +/- $.10 per song and has sold 10 million songs since the launch. If Apple has 7 Million users in the US on OS X and has sold 10 million in 4 months, how many can they sell to the Windoze crowd between Halloween and the end of the year? If this is a success in Wintel-land, this thing could throw off a considerable amount of cash down the line. It probably wouldn’t make a big difference, but a version of iTunes for our LINUX friends would be nice. Since LINUX, like Mac OS X, is based in UNIX, it shouldn’t be that hard. Besides, we owe them for the Safari web browser (sourced from the KDE version of LINUX).

  8. I imagine iTunes for Linux would be easier to port than iTunes for Windows because of the undrelying technology (ie, Darwin & KDE). Unfortunately, like Microsoft, Apple seems to feel threatened by Linux and does not support it with native versions of the QuickTime player or any other software.

    As for iTunes on Windows, even if it is a moderate success it would make Apple a lot more money than iTunes for OS X has so far.

  9. Uhm Apple should not be threatened by Linux the way Micorsoft is.
    After all, Apple is an hardware company: if you buy a Mac and install Linux Apple still gains and gains a lot.

    If you buy Dell, never install Windows, ask for refund, make a fuss and install Linux instead the relationship Microsoft-PC makers is threatened. Microsoft receives money upfront from the PC manufacturer: the threat for Micros**t is so real that now some PC can be bought without Windows pre-installed.

    Macs already come with nothing pre-installed. You get the OS X CDs but you may as well install Linux at the place. Linux is not really a threat to Apple (actually I think they know that)

  10. None of the reports I read mention of iTunes at the keynote – so nothing to announce, then. Either that, or Steve is “laying low” considering the pending litigation by Apple Records Corp. in the U.K. Either way, I hope Newsweek’s Roberts is correct about that October target release date!

  11. Well yeah… I think Windoz folks will get an idea of whats been going on at Apple, but don’t think that just because Apple is writing the iTunes app, that it’ll look like or even run as well as it does on OSX.

    It is my understanding that the problem with Windows…. is Windows. So even the best written app is still at the mercy of the unstable, OS supporting it. If anything goes wrong with Windows while iTunes is running… you can bet who’s going to get blamed..

    However, I DO agree that if iTunes runs well, and has a UI that is similar to the iTunes for OSX, complete with the brushed metal look, then its possible we may win over a few converts.

    And of course, the best way for success would be for Steve to bundle in the look rumored OSX on Intel with iTunes.. <G>

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