‘World’s coolest radio station’ updates site to include Mac iTunes users

On June 26th, MacDailyNews’ own SteveJack wrote an opinion piece entitled, “Secrets revealed: the world’s coolest radio station and how to listen via iTunes.” In the piece, SJ wrote, “Unfortunately, the WDST site isn’t particularly Mac-friendly (you’d think they’d cater to Mac users given their “coolness” factor!); pages fail to render correctly in Safari and WDST insists, “Listening to WDST online requires the Real ONE Player” in bold type.”

SJ then went on to explain how to listen to WDST’s stream in iTunes 4 in just a few steps.

Now, WDST (perhaps after an influx of Mac visitors precipitated by SJ’s article) has updated their page to read, in part, “You can listen to WDST live on the Internet — for free! WDST’s stream is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS!!! You select Windows Media Player, Real Player, Apple’s iTunes or the popular Mp3/CD/Radio player Winamp. So click the player of your choice below and listen now!”

WDST then gives the directions SJ provided to set up iTunes to listen to “the world’s coolest radio station” and provides a direct link to SJ’s article. The WDST.com page still fails to display perfectly in Safari, but Mac users should be heartened to see such a response from a formerly Mac-agnostic site! Hopefully, the site will be tested in Safari soon and the rendering issues will be cleared up as well.

Visit WDST’s website and listen to “Radio Woodstock – World Class Rock” via iTunes here.


  1. Congrats, MacDailyNews and SteveJack! It is purely because of your story on WDST that this happened, it seems to me. Please keep up the good work – and let this be a lesson to us all, the squeaky wheel gets the grease and we can make a difference and help make sites Mac-friendlier with a gentle prod here and there.

  2. The inclusion of the instructions and link to SteveJack’s article on WDST.com all but prove that MDN caused these changes to WDST’s site. Bravo, MDN and WDST!

  3. See, while the other Mac sites are busy posting press releases and begging for PayPal donations, etc., MacDailyNews effected real change positively for Mac users here. Sure, it may be one web site, but it is a site that now includes Macs and mentions Macs. Windows users visiting this site will see that now – where as before, Mac was out of sight, out of mind on WDST.com. Good job, MDN – just like Mac sites of old!

  4. I was one of the people that emailed the station requesting that they change their site. I wish more stations would do the same. The guy from station replied to me. He sounded surprised it could be done on a mac. It just shows that most people still don’t know that you can do everything on an Apple that you can on windows.

  5. After launching the station, how do I create a shortcut for it in iTunes?

    The instructins say:”5. From the “Library,” drag “WDST – World Class Rock!” to your Source list for easy access.” but I have no such entry in my Library (nor Radio nor anywhere else I can see) to drag. Is it showing up somewhere else?


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