’s iTunes-inspired ads make Windows users feel like ‘trend followers, not trendsetters’

“When Apple launched its online iTunes music store not long ago, it promoted the new service with a set of distinctive ads. The spots (see them here) each featured an individual, against a white background, listening via headphones to an iPod portable music player and singing along to a favorite song. We couldn’t hear the song, of course


  1. I don’t think I have felt sorrier for Wintel users. They are constantly being fed second-rate products and services, poor imitations of originals, and being told that it is the best because everyone is using it.

    Garbage on a silver platter is still garbage.

    Given poor quality is sad; convincing people to pay for poor quality should be a crime. Unfortunately, you can’t legislate intelligence.

  2. I completely agree, Aryugaetu… except for the fact that Windows users are Windows users by choice. Nobody is holding a gun to their head, forcing them to use second-rate stuff.

    BuyMusic will fail if “the people” decide for it to be that way. If user’s subject themselves to BuyMusic’s crappy service and product by giving BM their money, BM wins (until iTunes for Win comes out later this year, anyway. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Four points:

    1. Windows users *ARE* ‘trend followers, not trendsetters.’
    2. What makes you think they will want to change now at this late date?
    3. The cream rises to the top. We Mac users are the cream of the crop.
    4. is the bottom of the barrel, as is Windows.

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