NY Post: BuyMusic.com ‘trying to set themselves up as the anti-Apple’ – virtually-identical ads may

“Rocker Tommy Lee thinks his nude billboard in Times Square is going to make a bundle for BuyMusic.com,” reports Katy Byron for The New York Post. “[BuyMusic.com is] trying to set themselves up as the anti-Apple.”

“With a budget of about $40 million, BuyMusic’s ‘Get Loaded’ campaign -as it is called – boasts that its MP3 download prices start at 79 cents – 20 cents lower than Apple’s iTunes. But the ad fails to mention that just one of the top 100 downloads is 79 cents. And that song is Tommy Lee’s ‘Hold Me Down’ track,” Byron reports.

Byron reports, “About 80 percent of BuyMusic’s top-100 hits cost 99 cents, the same as iTunes, while some others actaully cost $1.14. [In addition,] BuyMusic’s ads may backfire and help its rival iTunes, because the spots are virtually identical-happy downloaders with MP3 players singing and dancing, all set to a white backdrop.”

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  1. BuyMusic will have direct competition from Roxio as it unrolls the “new” Napster. However, it looks you’ll only be borrowing the tracks like BuyMusic . There will be severe restrictions on use and transfering. BuyMusic will fade away by the end of next year.

  2. BM is trying to make as much noise as possible to secure funding/market share. They’re probably less worried about iTMS than Microsoft’s coming entry into the music download biz. After all, with control over the OS, browser, player, ect… there must be sumzink zey ken do, eh? Smacks of despair and smells like failure. Someone hit the flush button, quick.

  3. Like everything else on the Windows/Intel platform, BuyMusic.com is a VERY POOR copy of an Apple product.

    Who cares how many songs they have if the songs have greater and inconsistent restrictions, and poorer quality. Apple uses AAC not MP3. AAC delivers higher quality in a smaller file size (faster download, less hard drive space).

    Even though many non-Mac users will opt for the 2nd-hand-store of internet music stores, they will not tolerate being lied to with the deceptive adverting of $.79 songs and “just like Apple” appearance, when in reality it is not.

    Sadly, many do not have access to a Mac and they will think this is what Mac users suffer through.

    All of these “wannabe like Apple” music sites will die a very quick death when iTMS makes it to the Windows OS. Then they will have something to compare it to, and they can taste the quality that Mac users enjoy.

  4. my fscking god enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    man someone needs to give the macdailynews jukebox a good swift kick so it stops repeating the same song.

    Ive heard it before. buymusic sucks. buymusic is copying apple. buymusic lies. buymusic has glitches.

    shut the fuck up about it already. jesus christ. is this all you report on anymore?

  5. MrGates:
    Evil enters when good people do nothing.

    Too many people have remained silent and allowed Gates and Co. to do as they wish for too long. Mac users are tired of it, and will not be hushed up by people such as yourself. We will shout and scream the same old verse until changes are made and Microsoft no longer holds ANY decisive power in the information industry.

    The rights of people to distribute their information shall not be regulated, twisted, or monopolized by any single entity. Microsoft’s ability to allow some but not others access to “public” information/websites is a VERY scary.

    The fact that Mac users are a minority is not a reason to “write them off” as trivial and unimportant. In fact, any organization seeking freedom over greed would include, and even protect, those in the minority.

    Gates’ push to copy others’ ideas while attempting to squash even the smallest of competition is pure megalomania, and Microsoft users are merely his blind pawns; his lemmings. He will continue to find corners and niches where he can exercise complete dominance as he bides his time and makes larger plans.

    What has Gates or Microsoft actually invented on their own to help expand the dissemination of information to everyone? There is no doubt that it is easier to count the ways he has restricted and/or controlled other people’s information. Why people continue to feed this monster is beyond me.

  6. ‘Mrgates’

    The truth hurts. And the truth is your company is a twice convicted illegal monopoly. And you products are soviet quality bloatware.

    The people should know this. If you spent 1/10 of your wealth making good products and charging fair prices, then maybe your wealth wouldn’t bother so many.

    As it is, WE know that we are getting ripped off and herded into believing you have our best interests in mind. Yeah, sure.

  7. When and If Apple releases iTunes for Windows…im sure theyll do great. Anyone can see how horrible BuyMusic.com. Apple is known for its originality…and just about everyone in New York knows that the iPods are the coolest MP3 players out.

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