Comparing MP3 players; can any beat the Apple iPod?

“Can any MP3 player beat the iPod? With its compact size, slick design and big storage capacity, the Apple iPod is the hottest MP3 player around. We’ve singled out a few MP3 players that, though bulkier than the iPod, provide the same performance and storage capacity but don’t cost as much,” writes San Francisco Chronicle and

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  1. I have an ipod, but someone I know has a Archos MP3 jukebox. It may look sh*t, but it can play and encode colour video from any source.

    I hope Apple is already developing something to play mpeg video stuff on it’s next colour ipod. I am waiting until then before buying anything new.

    Anyone heard anything about the possibiltity of this ?

  2. Although a cool ipod that could play video would be a fun toy (if it didnt run out of juice in 5 min) , I just cant find the advantage of viewing a small movie clip on a handheld device at this point in time. The market for this product is not here at the moment. Apple made the iPod at the perfect time, right when digital audio was at its hottest point. I dont see portable movie devices becoming popular or, functional for that matter for at least 2-3 years.

  3. If memory serves, MacRumors ran something on this several weeks ago, and Uncle Steve flatly denied the rumors of a video capable iPod due to power requirements and such.
    Now, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t working on something that IS a portable video player, but it seems that it won’t be an iPod option.
    I just wish they’d add FM Radio and the ability to record.
    I’d buy a second one if that happened.

  4. They won’t make a video iPod unless they can ship good qualidy video specs with it. the point with audio is that it sounds great. With a tiny screen video is just a pointless gimmick.

  5. Video on a small screen is not a gimmick at all. It is inevitable and already a growing trend that Apple will have to join.

    Apple has been contradicting themselves. You have Steve saying no one wants to look at a small screen on a portable but at the same time Apple is pushing MPEG 4 video for cell phone’s tiny screens in Japan. Video is inevitable, no matter how small the screen is.

    Apple is taking too long to implement video. I’m not so sure they ever will on their own, at least not until more of their competitors do and Apple is forced to. As long as it can also be output to a TV etc, it at least serves as a preview. Last year, I wanted an iPod, but I chose an Archos for the multimedia functions. The iPod doesn’t even come close to the Archos for functionality. I can record audio out of the box and the LCD screen works wih the optional camera module to take jpeg image or avi video. Still, I’d rather have an iPod that can record and play real MPEG 4 (Archos uses Divx). Apple’s iSight camera might make a good “module” that could be clipped on to the iPod for instance.

    We watch video footage we have just taken on the Archos all the time on the small screen and it is very watchable. We can outut it to a TV too if we want. The 3rd generation Archos has an even bigger screen.

  6. I want my music player to play music, not movies. keep it simple please. This is why the iPod is sooooo successful. It does what it’s good at. If apple wants to enter into the portable video device arena… they should make a totally different product that focuses directly with video and video alone, thus maximizing its potential AND ease of use ( one thing many companies overlook ).

  7. I have an iPod for music. I have a JVC MiniDV camcorder for real, high-quality digital video. I have a microwave for heating up burritos. I have a cellphone for making phone calls.

    Each of these devices is very good at what they are intended to do. Apple has recognized this principle. That’s why their products are the best at performing the specific tasks for which they are designed. Shotty video on a tiny screen? That’s what you get with the Archos device. At least, that’s what I would consider it. No thanks.

  8. No-one really wants to watch video (films/TV) on a small screen. Cellphones are different. They’re working toward high quality video calls which DO have a use. I don’t see Apple making a phone though.

    Apple will absolutely NOT have to join this game. You wanted a multemedia jukebox, so you decided against the iPod. it’s not that the iPod is inadequate, it’s that you do not want a music player. I absolutely do not want a pocket multimedia player. I do think you’re right about such a device being able to output to a large display though. That’s something I hadn’t considered and it would make such a device useful.

    I’m not really a fan of convergance for convergence’s sake though. You get a jack of all trades and a master of none.

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