blocks Mac users

“Thank you for visiting In order to take full advantage of’s offerings you must be on a Windows Operating System using Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher. Download Internet Explorer Here,” reads the website. On launch day of this “service” we were able to view the site with Safari, now we are not. Now, basically, is telling Mac users:

“Thank you for visiting In order to take full advantage of’s substandard offerings peppered with varied DRM, you must degrade your system to an inferior Operating System that runs only on cheap hardware using the second-rate browser Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher. Download that POS browser Here.”

Visit here. More information about Apple’s iTunes Music Store here.


  1. I’ve just had my first peek. It’s an astonishing rip-off of iTMS. Apple have sued over much less than this. I guess it’s easier just to see them fail.

  2. Strangely enough when i just went to it in Safari, it loaded the entire home page and then put up the we’re sorry page. I guess they’re trying to keep us out so we can’t tell the Windows users how sorry it is!

  3. This is a “feature”. Or at least it is in my mind. Now I won’t be subjected to that sub-standard site should I accidentally stumble on it while surfing in Safari. Thank you, Sir Blum!

  4. But didn’t MS just annouce that IE will no longer be a stand alone product?

    It will be incorporated into future versions of the OS. So to use you will need to be running M$ ware…

    People will be migrating to Windows just to use

    Second tier OS, using a Second tier music store. Fits perfectly.

    I guess the DOJ is really doing their job. And people wonder why IT is leaving the US.

  5. I went there in Safari and the whole site loaded fine. Looked like it was supposed to I guess. Then the message came up about using IE on Windows.

    I tried viewing the page in IE for Mac and all I got was the message page.

    Moral of the story: Safari is so much faster than IE that the site will load and display completely before the redirect can even happen, but IE is so inferior that all you get is the message page.


  6. They are just being responsible: telling people the site won’t work instead of letting them try and wonder what’s wrong. This applies to many Windows PCs that can;t use the site, too.

  7. well its a pain and i dont know why you would want to use but while its loading in safari u can hit the stop button”x button” and still read and see the page before windows finds out ur using os x then u can click on other pages u just gotta stop the page from loading u can still see everything find but it cant seem to recoginize that its an os x system when u do it its a pain but if u want you can still look at the site

  8. Step 1: Fire up Safari, turn off Java.
    Step 2: Visit, and snicker.
    Step 3: Ponder who Roxio Toast (forMacs) is being sold to. (bottomRight)
    Step 4: Snicker again
    Step 5: Fire up iTMS, actually get music that’s listed. Not ‘not available’.
    Step 6: Pay 99� ALL songs. Get ‘FairPlay’ DRM.

    Take comfort WinFriends, iTMS for xP is around the corner. Apple’s only fault is that they should have seen the need when coding OSX-iT4.

  9. Can you descriminate a person for choosing a better operating system? It’s not like iTMS, which only works on a mac, for now. They actually kick mac users out of the store. If it wasn’t such a piss poor attempt at copying iTMS, someone might be upset.

  10. I try to be neutral and not come off as a maccentric nut, but try as I might I have not been able to find any posts in any forums (Including PC praising) that give buymusic a thumbs up. Nobody is praising it or posting good things about it anywhere. First timers that try this and get frustrated will have second thoughts about trying it again. Let’s hope that Apples iTunesMusic for windows works as well as it does for apple. Getting it right is better than Buymusic’s get it first approach.

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