Apple removes ‘Switch’ QuickTime commericals from website

Apple has removed all of the “Real People” (Switch) QuickTime commercials from In April, Apple moved the “Switch” navigation tab from the topmost part of its Web site and replaced it with the new “Music” tab. At that time the “Real People’ QuickTime commericals remained available within the “Switch” section.

See Apple’s “Switch” section here.


  1. Whatever. *yawn* I’m sure they all read each other. Or perhaps they both read MacSurfer who has linked to OSNews’ verison of the story? Hey, mack, get a life.

  2. This is a VERY good thing (no Switch ads)!! Like everything Apple/Steve does, it gets improved and even better. This has the same feel as dropping the prices on current Macs just prior to the release of new ones.

    I believe this is just the calm before the Apple-generated storm rolls into town. Apple has never let us down when they replace something old. Perhaps Panther will make an early debut with a whole new marketing style to go with it.

    I’d love to see the Panther/Longhorn clip from Steve’s keynote be aired. That’d blow the wind out of Microsoft’s sails before it even has a chance to leave the shipyard.

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