Houston Chronicle: ‘iTunes Music Store is the Rolls-Royce of online music, BuyMusic.com is a Yugo’

“Since the day Apple introduced the iTunes Music Store, Windows users have had to live with the fact that while the iPod is available for Windows, iTunes and the iTunes Music Store aren’t. So if Windows users want to use the best music-buying experience on the Web today, they have to either buy Macs or wait until Apple ships iTunes for Windows later this year,” writes Bob Levitus for The Houston Chronicle

“So it should come as no surprise that an iTunes Music Store imitator for Windows users appeared on the scene this week — an attempt to grab a piece of the pie before Apple gets its Windows software out the door. The site is called BuyMusic.com. At first glance it looks a lot like Apple’s offering and markets itself using TV commercials that are a note-for-note rip-off of the lauded Apple spots. That’s where the similarities end. Simply put, while iTunes Music Store is the Rolls-Royce of online music, BuyMusic.com is a Yugo,” Levitus writes.

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  1. …but “Pinch Me,” from the same album, sounds statically sibilant in that way that .wma files often do (.wma files in my experience have a real problem with higher frequencies).


    Sorry, but you’re not using your ears correctly. Maybe if you had read the 85-page manual you’d realize that any difficult ‘you’ have is through your own ignorance of the innovative genius of Microsoft software.

    Bill G.

  2. That apologist seems to think that MS’s WMA DRM is easily bypassed, and only stops “casual” listeners from using their music more freely. Unless he thinks burning to CD and double-compressing when you re-rip is acceptable, I think he’s kidding himself!

    He doesn’t seem to grasp that his downloads will be gone when he retires his current PC.

  3. “i thought mac users couldnt get into buymusics site. Of sourse he gets the server not found message if he is using a mac”

    you can use Safari, set your default browser to IE in preferences, and see what you are not missing…

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