Let the office suite wars begin anew!

“There’s good reason to look for a revival of the office suite wars. The Web changes everything, and productivity software should catch up,” writes Tiernan Ray for E-Commerce Times. “It would be a gross understatement to say the Mac faithful are eagerly awaiting a new office productivity suite from Apple. For rumor sites and Mac-focused blogs, the arrival of such software would be a touchstone, a new battle royale in which to turn up one’s nose at the leading productivity suite, made by that big software company in Redmond.”

“We may get a sneak peek during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference next week in San Francisco. Amid the speculation, hints include the lackluster state of Apple’s existing office productivity suite, Appleworks, which has gone two years with no substantial upgrade, and the arrival this past January of Keynote, a flashy competitor to Microsoft’s PowerPoint presentation software,” writes Ray.

“The fact is, it’s high time the suite wars were revisited. Not because of the rebirth of the Mac (which is happening), not because Office needs competition (which it does), and not because the browser is a powerful factor not present in the earlier suite wars (though it is). No, we need a new suite war because the Web has changed everything,” Ray writes. “The advent of connectedness and universal document formats, namely XML and its derivatives, is paving the way for a new kind of workflow, where material comes in from wherever it’s found on the Web, is integrated with other media and then is sent to any number of destinations, including print, video, photo albums, presentations and Web sites. A new suite from Apple would fit this framework nicely.”

An excellent article. Read it here.

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