Access Mac OS X Preference Panes from the Dock with Dockprefs

Dockprefs is a free dockling that gives quick access to all preference panes that the user has access to, including custom preference panes. A custom menu of preference panes can also be built easily.

To create a menu of your most frequently used preference panes, select “Custom Menu Options…” from the Preferences submenu. Select preference panes from the right list and select Add to put them in your menu. To remove an item from the menu, select it and click Remove. To rearrange menu items, simply drag them to the desired place in the menu. If you wish to have the “Show All…” menu item in the menu, check the show all checkbox. To remove it, deselect the checkbox. Once done customizing the menu, select Save. To discard changes, just close the window.

More info and download link here.

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