PC Mall Gov to sell Apple harware and software to federal government customers

PC Mall Gov, a subsidiary of PC Mall, Inc., has announced that it has received an authorization to sell Apple on its GSA Schedule to federal government customers. This program leverages Apple’s traditional technological innovation to help the government stay ahead of its rapidly changing mission.

“PC Mall Gov is excited about our expanded relationship with Apple to offer innovative technologies that make Power Macintosh computers and Mac OSX, the most widely-distributed Open Source UNIX-based operating system, the premier choice for federal agencies and employees. Apple and PC Mall Gov can provide a wide range of services and solutions to meet the needs of today’s government environment,” said Alan Bechara, President of PC Mall Gov, Inc. in the press release.

Bechara concludes, “PC Mall Inc. is one of the largest resellers of Apple and Apple-related equipment to consumers and business, in the U.S. Now we have an opportunity to achieve the same success with Apple in the government market.”

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