The Register: 12-inch AlBook reviewed

“Apple’s 12in PowerBook isn’t the lightest or thinnest notebook we’ve seen, but it’s certainly the best looking, and we’ve enjoyed using it. It’s also one of the most compact. Thinner notebooks, aimed at executives, tend to have larger screens and thus larger cases, but we really liked the fact that the PowerBook is barely larger than a sheet of A4 paper. It’s highly portable,” writes Tony Smith for The Register.

Smith continues, “The screen might be too small for some, but at 1024×768, we found it large enough for Photoshop work and all the other multi-palette apps we run. The games too. Screen size is a compromise, and one we felt very easy to make given our preference for the PowerBook’s size. And Apple still offers the 15.4in PowerBook G4 and, of course, the 17in machine for users who prize screen size above portability.”

Read Tony Smith’s full review of Apple’s 12-inch PowerBook for The Register here.

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