Happy Birthday! Apple Computer founded 27 years ago today

Today in 1976, on April 1st, Stephen Wozniak and Steven Jobs founded Apple Computer Incorporated.

Webopedia.com states, “Throughout the history of personal computing, Apple has been one of the most innovative influences. In fact, some analysts say that the entire evolution of the PC can be viewed as an effort to catch up with the Apple Macintosh. In addition to inventing new technologies, Apple also has often been the first to bring sophisticated technologies to the personal computer. Apple’s innovations include:

– Graphical user interface (GUI). First introduced in 1983 on its Lisa computer. Many components of the Macintosh GUI have become de facto standards and can be found in other operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows.

– Color. The Apple II, introduced in 1977, was the first personal computer to offer color monitors.
Built-in networking . In 1985, Apple released a new version of the Macintosh with built-in support for networking (LocalTalk).

– Plug & play expansion. In 1987, the Mac II introduced a new expansion bus called NuBus that made it possible to add devices and configure them entirely with software.

– QuickTime. In 1991, Apple introduced QuickTime, a multi-platform standard for video, sound, and other multimedia applications.

– Integrated television. In 1993, Apple released the Macintosh TV, the first personal computer with built-in television and stereo CD.

– RISC. In 1994, Apple introduced the Power Mac, based on the PowerPC RISC microprocessor.

For a comprehensive list of Apple “firsts,” click here.


  1. Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY APPLE. I am really proud to say that I have been using Mac for over 10 years.

    All I want to see is more software for mac and recent price in the future.

  2. It all started in 1985 for me, never looked back. I dont mind PC’s, just like I’m sure that Rolce Royce drivers dont mind truck drivers ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Apple Computer has been an integral part of my life. I learned a lot from those Apple II’s in school. I have owned probably every Apple computer that has come out in one time or another.

  4. Happy Birthday. I have used Apple products since the second grade (1980). Boy things have changed since that old color Apple II. I can’t wait to see what the next 27 years will bring!

  5. Actually, although I vastly prefer using Apple Mac’s over inferior Windows PCs, your last point is incorrect. The world’s first Risc based desktop computer was produced by Acorn Computers Ltd (now [url=http://www.castle.org.uk]http://www.castle.org.uk)[/url] Powered by the first generation ARM (Acorn Risc Machine) chips, the ARM division was later spun off to become ARM Ltd, one of the world’s leading producers of low-power, high performance processors. As they say, from tiny Acorns, mighty oaks do grow.

  6. Happy 27th Birthday Apple.

    Although I saw the 1984 commercial and thought it was neat, I did not set down to work with a Macintosh until 1987. I was blown away by the GUI, it had the DOS world beat hands down.
    I have only worked with Apple Computers since then.

  7. I now own 3 macs(two imacs,one old, and the newest,flat panel imac,and just bought the 12inch ibook)I love them all. I am a die hard Apple owner. Happy birthday Apple!!!!

  8. As a mainframe computer user where I work, it was an agonizing switch to a Mac IIsi when desktop systems were introduced in 1992. Once I became familiar with the Mac OS, I was hooked. I bought a Quadra 610 home system in 1994, a blueberry iMac in 2000, and a Flat Panel iMac w/super drive in February 2002. (Quadra has been adopted out.)
    My workplace switched to PC�s and I have learned to work in both worlds � but I spend my own money on Apple products. Happy Birthday Apple! Thanks for the great products.

  9. My life was changed in 1988, vhen I discovered the Mac Plus. I keep this as a sentimental companion, even if I have newer material �always Apple off course!
    Happy birdthay & BRAVO to Steve Jobs & the oders.

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