Michigan man to change name from ‘William Gates’

A quick Yahoo! People Search turns up 200 people with the name William Gates. Now, one William Gates of Kalamazoo, MI wants to reduce that number by one. You see, William Gates, known as “Bill” to most, is an avowed Macintosh enthusiast and his given name has been bothering him for some time.

“I just can’t stand filling out forms anymore,” Bill says. “I’ve had this name for my entire life, over 35 years now, and I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t even look at my own driver’s license. It’s time for a change,” Bill concludes.

Today, Bill is scheduled to appear at the City of Kalamazoo Town Hall to officially change his name. The really interesting part of Bill’s story is the new name he’s chosen. After lunch today, Bill’s new Michigan Driver’s License will read, of all names, “Steven Jobs.”

“Why not shoot for the moon,” Bill asks?

“People change their names all the time,” says County Clerk Ann Winblad. “We’ve had several “Michael Jacksons,” a “Hillary Clinton,” even a “Queen Latifa” come through our records department here, but we’ve never had a Bill Gates before.”

Bill, errr, Steve, is looking forward to his new name. “I feel a sense of liberation,” explains the new Steve. “With the old name I’d developed a habit of following others’ leads… my family members, my friends, co-workers, business acquaintances. I’d just watch them and sort of copy what they did. It was a ‘safe’ way to go through life. Now, for the first time in my life, I feel like I can do anything! I’m ready to come up with my own ideas for once… I feel free – almost like I can make a dent in the universe!”

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