DockExtender for Mac OS X helps organize your Dock

DockExtender allows you to organize and access your applications, documents and web sites through custom menus that you create. You can create up to 10 separate menus that you can access through the Dock, menu bar or by pressing a HotKey. Items in your menus can be organized into as many submenus as you want, and sectioned by separator items. Load whole folders into submenus, or have them loaded when you access the menu, giving you the most up-to-date contents at your fingertips. With the MultiDock feature, you can create an unlimited number of additional Dock configurations, which you can switch between via a submenu from any DockExtender menu.

What’s New in this Version
DockExtender version 3.0 is an almost complete re-write of the DockExtender 2.0 product. New major features in the 3.0 version:

– DockExtender menus are now accessible via customizable HotKeys
– Dockling menus now contain icons
– Folders can be created into 2 different types of submenus
– URLs, email addresses, AppleScripts, and AppleShare drives may be added to any DockExtender menu
– Major interface overhaul for the PreferencePane
– MultiDock configuration number limitation removed

More info and download link here.

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