Alepin hits version 2.42; Mac OS X notepad and scrapbook replacement

Alepin is a notepad and scrapbook replacement. It features Classic Notepad import, Stickies X import, import of nested folders of Text/RTF/RTFD, RTFD Export, autosave and auto-open, as well as many other features. The key to Alepin is simplicity and elegance with an uncluttered interface.

New features in 2.42:
– Even better text formatting when modifying text with URLs even with Auto-detect while typing off.
– Highlight now properly turns off all the time and has a new keyboard shortcut
– Fixed an important bug where pages and categories could not be renamed.
– Alepin now does not accept drags from the finder into the Categories which caused all sorts of corruption. Eventually will support this feature.
– New Service to simply Launch Alepin without adding pages. This allows to open the default file or a new file from the Services menu
– Added Option-click on URL to simply place the insertion point within a URL without opening it to edit it easily
– New preference to use Option-click to open URLs and regular click to edit (see above)
– Fixed some other minor bugs and annoyances.

More info and download link here.

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