Sony CEO says he ‘would consider buying Apple Computer’’s Michael Singer reports that Sony chairman and CEO, Nobuyuki Idei would consider buying Apple Computer. “Idei also indicated he would consider purchases of both Apple Computer and Symbian, a joint company by palmtop computer maker Psion; mobile phone giants Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson; electronics powerhouse Matsushita Communication; and Siemens. The consortium develops and licenses a software operating system for mobile phones and handheld devices. None of the companies contacted would comment on Sony’s claims.” Full article here.


  1. Hell NO
    Let Sony suck microsoft thing if you know what I talking about.If Sony buys Apple, I quit buying Apple product and keep the one I got and until it runs out of juice. Just remember the other joker that took over Apple before. Don’t let history repeat itself. DON’T LET HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF and we all we be the losers

  2. Sony buying Apple would bring instant credibility to OS X and quadruple or more Mac OS X marketshare to 15%.

    Of course, so would simply licensing Mac OS X to Sony and letting them replace Windows. IBM would love selling CPU’s to Sony, I’m sure. Even Motorola with its collective head up its ass, would like to sell PowerPC’s to Sony after them stopped whining about Sony getting a clone deal from Steve when theirs was killed. You heard it here first. I can say no more…

  3. This is funny. In reality, Apple should be making an offer to buy Sony. Over the past five years Apple has continually redefined the computer industry, and now they are beginning to show some serious muscle in the consumer electronics arena with the iPod. This is just a tactic Sony is using to divert everyone’s attention from the fact that Apple has become the Sony of the 21st century. Go get’em Steve:)

  4. I like Sony. Realy, I do. I own a Sony digitalcamera (a DSC-S85) and am quite happy with it.
    I would favorably look to Apple buying Sony.
    Actually, that would be a good possibility, Apple buying Sony.
    Every time I say that, it make more sense and sounds better.
    Yeah – – – Apple should purchase Sony.

  5. he also said he would buy motorola.cmon ,option premiums are no where in apple. I should know i just bought some april 17s for a dime.
    and that b/c the chart looks ok. there is no deal happening

  6. Apple buy Sony, we wish! Have you ever looked at the financials of the two companies? Sony could buy Apple about 9 times over. Sony has a market cap of stock of $34B, while Apple has $4B. While I in no way want Sony to purchase Apple, don’t think in any way Apple could even afford to buy Sony. That’s like saying Apple should buy Microsoft!

  7. Purchase Microsoft, Apple purchase Microsoft?
    I believe that would be a good idea, also.
    Beliefs, likes and desires do not indicate practicality!!!!

  8. If Sony bought Apple, it would be the end of the Mac as we know it. Sony already has major conflicts of interest that results in it producing a lot of crippleware – which is why I won’t buy Sony anymore. Obviously, a slogan like ‘Rip. Mix. Burn.’ would never appear if Apple were owned by a music and movie corporation. *Everything* about the Mac – it’s whole ethos – is a threat to Sony. After all, Sony is a threat to Sony!

  9. AT first glance, the incursion of the computer industry onto the turf of mere gadget makers would seem to violate most of the strategic tenets expounded by business-school professors, management consultants and other marketing gurus. Doesnt this represent a move “down the value chain?” Arent corporate mangers supposed to stick to the businesses in which they can be either no.1 or no.2? Why, after slugging it out in the PC wars, would Hewlett PAckard, Apple, Dell and Gateway now seek to poach fdrom the likes of Sony , Panasonic and JVC?

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