Up your Finder’s (and other programs’) priority in Mac OS X with Renicer 1.2

Northern Softworks today released version 1.2 of Renicer, its automatic operation prioritization utility for Mac OS X.

The Unix underpinnings of Mac OS X allow users to assign priorities to processes with the Renice command. Higher priority processes get more CPU time and vice versa. The downside is that you have to use the terminal, and you have to know the renice syntax, process ID’s, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice to automatically adjust application priorities on the fly? Renicer is designed to run in the background, and automatically prioritizes whatever application is in front. It also ups the priority of the Finder, Dock, and Window Server. Renicer is designed to be simple enough for novices, yet flexible enough for the power user.

The 1.2 release adds numerous user requested features. For example, dock and Window Server priorities can now be individually set. Renicer is $8 shareware. More info and download link here.

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