Chimera browser’s new name is Camino

Chimera, the popular (before Safari hit, that is) Mac OS X Web browser, has been officially renamed “Camino.” A posting on reads, “Due to circumstances beyond our control, the project has been renamed Camino.”

MacDailyNews Take: we guess that’s better than calling it “Dead.” It’s great to have choices, but in “The Battle of the Betas,” we choose Safari (especially v62 with Tabs) over “Camino,” hands down.


  1. “Dead”? I guess those of us that actually use the Keychain wouldn’t call it dead. Tabbed browsing aside, when you access password protected sites, Camino is 10x the browser that Safari is simply because of its elegant interface with the Keychain. I’ve used every beta of Safari (including b62) and Safari doesn’t reside on my hard drive anymore.

  2. I agree with Brian. Chimera – er, Camino has a much more elegant feel to it and the keychain rocks. I’m not a big fan of the brushed metal, it’s okay for iTunes, etc. but I like a more full featured interface.

  3. I think Chimera/Camino is more robust a browser, the keychain integrations is great, though a little buggy, and I can bookmark tabsets. I use both Chimera and Safari a lot.

  4. I with hugh, I use both Safari and (it will always be Chimers to me) Camino. Both browsers blow Internet Exploder out of the water. I like Camino a lot and hope they keep the development work up, the Chimera team should get a medal for their efforts. Safari is also great but has a way to go yet. It sure is nice to have 2 great browsers for OSX.

  5. I don’t see a need for Safari, except for new users who don’t know Chimeno is out there. Chimeno is faster. Do back to back tests and you’ll see. Plus, the login-info-from-keychain feature helps me view sites like the LA Times and New York Times that I don’t have the F#$@# time to remember my login info from every F@#$@#$@#$ time I access the site. Never seen that on any other browser.

  6. Safari aint where its at.
    At least not until I get tabbed browsing and a way to turn off that damn auto-complete I HATE AUTOCOMPLETE.
    Also, it would be nice to control the cache size and history.

    Though, when trying to watch realvideo clips at “” I have to say I prefer Safari’s handling of Realplayer better than Chimera’s (which crashes).

    By the way, Im just curious, I am very impressed with the steaming quality of realvideo at the above site. I had been using quicktime for so long, I hadnt noticed how good streaming can be these days. Does anyone know of any good quicktime streaming pages for comparison? I cant seem to get quicktime streaming to work at all anymore (from 3 different macs).

  7. Safari doesn’t cut it with me so far: (1) no tabs, (2) can’t do online banking with my bank, (3) some websites don’t load/display properly and (4) it doesn’t support shared menus so I can’t use URL Manager Pro in the normal way. Camino/Chimera does all those things that Safari so far can’t, so it’s my browser of choice.

  8. Hey people,

    I’m not sure but I think Safari is a beta? I think that it has great potential and with work i’m sure Apple will make it the best browser on the Mac. I use Navigator which for me is faster than all the other browsers…


  9. WOW…What a bunch of harsh safari reviews…
    The Safari appearance is far superior to the iCab-like Camino…a small issue to be sure, but important enough to be stated first and foremost.

    As far as speed, Camino is VERY fast and VERY likeable….the rendering of pages by Safari,by comparison, is more fluent and pleasing in appearence..and speed tests are, side by side, VERY similar….

    My only complaint is superficial, as far as appearence. With Safari v64,
    many bugs and inconsistancys are resolved to qualify it as my default browser….but I still await eagerly any Camino releases !!! The new browser battle has begun, and may the best one win….and we all know that the winner will be us, the users….

    Keep it up guys and gals…The developers of Explorer have nothing now to do except steal your ideas and claim them as their own..something Microsoft does very well….Explorer will die a slow death as Netscape has, gasping for breath, because they too failed to see the future…

    As far as the name change…give it up, as no one need really care….
    They could have changed it to “piece of sh*t” and I would still look forward its development..its Camino now, get used to it.

    Some idiot out there is now in the process of spending his worthless time , as we speak, creating splash screen , icon, etc replacements
    that change the appearence etc., to Chimera again….WHY ????

    So…enjoy this newfound enthusiasm for browser developement, and cheer on both teams…the only one who benefits is YOU.

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