The Economist:  Apple is now Sony’s teacher

The Economist looks at the state of Sony and what they need to learn from Apple. An excerpt:

“…consider Apple’s iPod. This cleverly designed digital music player, which can hold 4,000 songs, links easily to a computer, and also boasts a calendar and an address book, seems like just the sort of path-breaking gadget that Sony itself should be coming up with. That Apple has come seemingly from nowhere to launch the Walkman of the early 21st century has shaken many Sony executives. As one critic puts it, people walking around with an iPod and an Apple PowerBook look much cooler than those equipped with a Clie and a Vaio notebook. For Sony, that should spell trouble.”

“That Apple knows a thing or two about design is not news. But one reason for the iPod’s success is that Apple, which owns no content businesses, suffers none of Sony’s hang-ups about protecting its own digital content,” reports Full article here.

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