Feeling InDesign’s heat? Quark offers free upgrade to QuarkXPress 6.0

A recent promotional e-mail from Quark regarding the upcoming new release (version 6 with Mac OS X compatibility) offers new buyers of QuarkXpress 5.0 a free upgrade to version 6.0. The email states:

“For a limited time, upgrade to QuarkXPress 5.0 and receive an upgrade to the upcoming release of QuarkXPress 6.0 at no additional charge. Enjoy the new features and expanded functionality of QuarkXPress 5.0 immediately; then, when QuarkXPress 6.0 is released, you’ll receive an upgrade to the world’s most popular design and layout software on Mac OS X and Windows XP – free!

“Millions of users worldwide rely on QuarkXPress to dramatically boost productivity, save time, and lower costs. QuarkXPress 6.0 extends these benefits to users of the Mac OS X and Windows XP platforms with powerful new features, including an intriguing new way to manage complex projects.”

From MacFixIt here.

MacDailyNews take: too little, way too late. And we don’t like Quark’s attitude, either. Adobe InDesign info here.


  1. This is either going to be a triumph for Quark or what could be their demise. The designers can learn it soon enough, but the real test will be in the print shop. It’s going to be an interesting year!

  2. I wouldn’t plan Quark’s funeral just yet. But I will say this. They need to have XQ6 work fast and with some spiffy features. If it’s Quarks usual, long wait/ expensive / buggy / nothing really new and exciting update, then they really are in trouble. I have been trying out InDesign and while it is a great concepting tool, it is a huge memory hog and runs slow slow slow!! The war aint over yet!

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