More 15.4-inch Aluminim PowerBook rumors

“From what we have gathered on the grapevine, substantial supplies of the existing Titanium models still exist at retailers and even at the major distributors’ warehouses. Demand remains strong despite great interest in the new 12- and 17-inch Aluminum models, but until supplies sell down, Apple cannot introduce the 15.4-inch Aluminum models it already has stocked up at its manufacturer and in its own warehouses. Presently, estimates range from 2-4 weeks for sufficient depletion to occur. When the new models are introduced, they are expected to have impressive new 15.4-inch LCD displays, optional built-in Bluetooth, Airport Extreme support, Firewire 800, the new Aluminum enclosure, and all of the other improvements seen in the 12- and 17-inch models. Pricing is expected to remain steady,” reports MacOS Full story here.

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