.Mac members reap new rewards

Apple has added two more .Mac rewards for .Mac subscribers. The $30 utility from Aladdin, “DropStuff,” is now a free download for .Mac members. Just drag and drop big files onto the DropStuff icon and they’re slimmed down and ready to email. Stuffit Deluxe, Aladdin’s full-featured compression utility, is being offered at a special price for .Mac members. Regularly $79.99, Stuffit Deluxe is available for $39.99 to those of the .Mac persuasion. More information on both of these benefits can be found at the .Mac website here.


  1. I don’t know, but I’m starting to think maybe I should join .Mac. I could use some of the features now and this free stuff they keep offering, while not huge, is still nice.

  2. I have .Mac.
    A few comments: their service was spotty for a couple of months but lately, I haven’t seen any problems. Posting up your own handcoded HTML webpages is a little weird when you later use their online HTML tool. It rewrites your index.htm page to a file called index.htm.old and screws up your site. It wants to override your own index.htm file in place of its .Mac page.

    $99 is still a bit steep for the service. I plan to end it in Sept 2003. $49 was good for me but at $99, I tend to think twice.

  3. I probably won’t be renewing my account. As much as I like my .mac email address, it isn’t worth $99, and I don’t really use the other services enough to make it worthwhile.

    I still think Apple should offer the free .mac email just as good advertising.

  4. I am liking .mac more and more. Opted for the $49.00 and will probably renew at $100. The services in my opinion only shine with a broadband connection. iSync is cool. Love the full address book online. Comes in handy while on the work computer (PC-yuck). Even iBack-up gives osme piece of mind for the few things I worry about losing.
    I am sure they will offer more and more treats.

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