Gene Steinberg to present Apple’s Eric Jue on The Mac Night Owl LIVE tonight

Meet The Mac Night Owl, Gene Steinberg, Mac author and columnist. Get to know Gene, and discover his unique, thought-provoking viewpoints about the technology universe, with the emphasis on Macs. This week, Eric Jue, Product Marketing Manager for Apple, will be on hand to talk about all the recent new hardware announcements. As usual, Gene will be ably assisted by his son and co-host, Grayson Steinberg. When it comes to The Mac Night Owl, expect the unexpected. Friday, 8-10 pm Central Time (6-8pm Pacific, 9-11 Eastern, and Saturdays at 01:00 UTC).

Special Announcement: This week, The Mac Night Owl LIVE will give away another copy of The Mac OX X.2 Jaguar Little Black Book to a lucky listener.

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