Access hidden Mac OS X advanced settings with simple freeware app

Cocktail is free general purpose utility for Mac OS X 10.2 or later. The application simplifies the use of advanced UNIX functions and gives access to hidden Mac OS X settings.

Available features:

– update prebinding information
– run cron scripts
– repair permissions
– delete locked or unaccessible items
– enable and disable journaling
– delete archived log files
– create symbolic links
– view log files
– change network card setting
– request new lease from DHCP server
– force empty trash
– recreate alias to Mac OS 9 desktop
– remove cache files
– customize look and features of Finder and Dock
– easily opitimize your system using Auto Pilot.

It’s freeware, 1.4MB, and requires Mac OS X 10.1 or later. More info here.


  1. Used this to Repair Permissions, but there was no way to stop it!! I don’t like it when there is no way to quit a function/program.

    Functions offer little (if any) feedback on what is occurring, unlike other similar aps (Disk Utility) that display the UNIX feedbacks. In addition, there is no explaination what each function does. This program is too simple by having no function descriptions, no feedback, and no ability to halt an operation.

  2. There’s always the Unix way to kill an app. Open the terminal

    1. Type: top (this will show all running processes)
    2. Find the application and the PID number (left column)
    3. Type: q (for quit)
    4. Type: kill <pid #> (enter the PID number)

    That will stop just about anything.

    For further info on ‘top’: In the terminal, type: man top
    (hint: hit the spacebar for the next page as required – type q to quit)

  3. One quick update to my previous comment now that I’ve downloaded and looked at the application.

    You may not want to kill the app while it is optimizing your system or running a given Cron job.

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