Render 2D and 3D Animations in Mac OS X with freeware PixelShox Studio

PixelShox Studio is a live-video creation tool built exclusively for Mac OS X. Contrary to other available programs of this type, is it built 100% for Mac OS X, uses the latest technologies like OpenGL, Cocoa and CoreAudio and is designed for both novice and professional users.

PixelShox Studio is essentially a Cocoa editor built upon the PixelShox 3D Engine. It allows you to program in an easy and graphical way the PixelShox Engine to render real-time animations on screen. You can build such animations for parties, concerts, video clips, movies… or just for fun!

What?s New in this Version
PixelShox Studio 0.91 includes PixelShox Engine 1.1 and has more than 200 modifications: several bug fixes and tons of new features like MIDI support, audio file play, JavaScript, vertex shaders, and more. More information and download link here.

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