Apple posts X11 for Mac OS X v0.2

New in X11 v0.2:
Support for Gnome, KDE hints
Application windows now cascade instead of piling on top of each if they do not have an explicit placement policy
Added /usr/include/X11 and /usr/lib/X11 symlinks
Menu in the Dock now shows a list of X11 windows.
Support for Copy & Paste working with other window managers.
No-click-to-focus option : ?defaults write wm_ffm true?
Support for move window events from CodeTek’s VirtualDesktop
Support to respect the Mac OS X’s International keyboard mapping.
Keymappings from /System/Library/Keyboards.
Support for -iconic. E.g. xterm -iconic now puts the xterm into the Dock on launch.
New preference options to control xauth usage
Bug fixes and other feature enhancements

Info and download here.

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