Seatle Times tech writer: iPod ‘best of all portable players’

“When Apple Computer released a Windows version of the iPod last year, I decided to try it, since so many Mac-loyal readers have raved about it. Result: The iPod is the best of all the portable players I’ve used. Not because the music quality is excellent, as most players have achieved that, but because the important details are better. I’ve been using a Windows iPod for a couple of months now. I listen to classical to tune out surrounding noise while I’m trying to work. I listen to rock while exercising, and I use a cassette converter to listen through my car’s stereo system. All the music I need is stored on this little player. Right now, in an age of rapidly improving technology, this player’s the best,” writes Linda Knapp in The Seatle Times Personal Technology section. Full article here.

MacDailyNews take:“…but because the important details are better,” now if those Windows people can translate that thought to personal computers (where it’s even more true), Apple would really be cookin’ with gas!

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