Virex 7.2 with auto ‘eUpdate’ posted for .Mac members

Virex 7.2, now with automatic eUpdate, has been posted for .Mac members. According to the .Mac website, “now .Mac members can enjoy hassle-free protection against the latest worms and viruses, automatically. Just download and launch Virex 7.2. With eUpdate, Virex will automatically download the most current virus definition (DAT) files that allow it to spot the latest known viruses, and worms hidden on your system. Virex removes viruses received from PCs, so you don’t pass them along to friends.”

Virex anti-virus software requires a Macintosh running Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X v10.1.3 or higher. A .Mac membership is required to download the Virex application and any subsequent updates. Before installing Virex


  1. WARNING! _IF_ you use, or plan to use the ‘fink’ package manager ( for running UNIX software on Mac OS X, do NOT install Virex 7.2, as they WILL overwrite each other’s libraries!

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