Pro Tools 6.0 for Mac OS X now available

Mac OS X Support, a new look, more organization, more MIDI, and more control define Por Tools 6.0 according to Pro Tools 6.0 software for Mac OS X adds a powerful set of new features and improvements that makes this the next evolutionary step for Pro Tools TDM and LE systems. Premier among the new features is support for Apple’s OS X operating system, providing improved, solid interaction between the Pro Tools environment and Power Mac G4s. Other benefits include:

Streamlined new look for the Mix, Edit, and Transport windows
Increased performance with dual-processor Power Mac G4 systems
New multi-user login functionality enables individual users to save custom display, operation, editing, automation, processing, compatibility, and MIDI preferences
New DigiBase file management utility
Enhanced MIDI functionality (including high-resolution groove templates!)
Additional Beat Detective features
New Import Session options
Plug-in functionality enhancements
MachineControl additions

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