Keynote vs. PowerPoint vs. Impress

eWeek’s Jason Brooks looks at Apple’s new Keynote presentation application in relation to Microsoft’s PowerPoint and OpenOffice Impress, “In eWeek Labs’ tests, Keynote impressed us with its clean interface, flexible import and export options, and its relatively low price?Keynote 1.0 costs $99, compared with a stunning $399 for a stand-alone copy of Microsoft’s presentation software offering for Mac OS X, PowerPoint X. Microsoft charges an additional $100 for the entire Mac office suite, which includes Word, Excel and the Entourage groupware client… Keynote is a great fit for OS X?the slick graphics and font handling that distinguish Apple’s operating system pay dividends when creating and giving presentations. This was particularly the case with Keynote’s video handling. We could drag two QuickTime movies into a presentation, one overlapping the other; reduce the opacity of the top clip; and watch both playing at once?overkill for sure but impressive nonetheless. Keynote 1.0 runs on Mac OS X Version 10.2 or later and requires 256MB of RAM and 8MB of video memory. Although Keynote does not require Apple’s Quartz Extreme to operate, Mac systems that have this technology will deliver the best performance.” Full article here.

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