Roger Ebert slams Windows in ‘Final Destination 2’ movie review

A snippet from Mac user Roger Ebert’s review of Final Destination 2:

“Soon bad things are happening to good people, in a series of accidents that Rube Goldberg would have considered implausible. In one ingenious sequence, we see a character who almost trips over a lot of toys while carrying a big Macintosh iMac box. In his house, he starts the microwave and lights a fire under a frying pan, then drops his ring down the garbage disposal, then gets his hand trapped in the disposal while the microwave explodes and the frying pan starts a fire, then gets his hand loose, breaks a window that mysteriously slams shut, climbs down a fire escape, falls to the ground and finally, when it seems he is safe … well, everything that could possibly go wrong does, except that he didn’t get a Windows machine,” writes Roger Ebert. Full review here.


  1. Also check out Ebert’s review for, “The Recruit”, where he writes, “The senior instructor is Walter Burke, played by Al Pacino in a performance that is just plain fun to watch, gruff, blunt, with a weathered charm. He recruits an MIT whiz-kid named James Clayton (Colin Farrell), who turns down a big offer from Dell Computers because he wants to know more about the fate of his late father, a CIA agent. Or maybe because he uses a Macintosh.”

  2. When presenting _2001_ in a digitally restored 70mm form at his film festival in Champaign, IL in May of 2001, someone asked Keir Dullea if he had computer problems like his character did with HAL. Ebert said “No, he’s got a Macintosh,” which caused a cheer from us Mac users in the crowd.
    Dullea went on to say that in some ways he wishes computers today were able to talk like HAL, as that’s far easier than any UI currently available. I actually have to agree with that….

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