But what will she do with her IBM computer?

“After her husband died, Marie Austin realized the IBM computer he bought was gathering dust in a corner. ‘It’s sitting there,’ said Austin, 82, a grandmother of nine. ‘I am paying off that money. I am going to learn to use it.’ Determined to become computer literate, she joined 11 other seniors from the Senior Center Thursday at West Shore Middle School for a one-on-one computer lesson from members of the school’s Senior Honor Society. Leading the workshop was computer guru Thomas Finn, the school’s dean of students… Kicking off the first 75-minute lesson, Finn introduced the seniors to the basics of using an Apple iMac,” writes Manuela Da Costa-Fernandes for the New Haven Register.

Errrrrr, isn’t that dusty IBM computer, running who-knows-what-OS (DOS, Win3.1, 95, 98, Me?) going to look upside and backwards (at best) or from another planet (DOS) to Marie when she gets home? Wonder if she’ll stop making the payments on it? We demand a followup story! Read it all here.

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