Safari now accounts for 32% of Mac traffic visiting MacDailyNews

In a remarkable usage shift, just 48 hours after it’s release, Safari now accounts for 32% of MacDailyNews Mac traffic. Just before the release of Safari, of the total Macintosh traffic (which is 75% of our total traffic on the site, with 23% running some flavor of Windows, and 2% of other platforms such as Linux, Sun, SGI Irix), 49% were running Microsoft Internet Explorer, 37% visited with Netscape, 5% used OmniWeb, 1% with iCab, and the remaining 8% visited via a hodgepodge of other browsers, news aggregators, and other means.

Now, current figures based upon the last 48 hours, indicate 32% of our Mac visitors are visiting us with Safari, 37% are using some form of Internet Explorer, 23% with a Netscape browser, and about 8% with other browsers, including OmniWeb (now less than 1%), iCab (under .02%) and other means.

Granted, this is an early snapshot and the information is extremely fluid at this early date, but it clearly shows a remarkable shift away from all other Mac browsers toward Safari. Microsoft Internet Explorer use among Mac visitors dropped 12%, Netscape fell 14%, and OmniWeb and iCab lost almost all of their Mac users based upon visitors in the last 48 hours. Note also that Safari runs only on Mac OS X v10.2 or later and only 44% of our Mac-based visitors in the last 48 hours were running some version of Mac OS X. The other 56% of our Mac visitors were on Mac OS 9 or earlier.

We’ll let you know more in the coming days and weeks when the numbers firm up.

On a related note, ServerWatch reports today that, “Apple said… that upward of 20 percent of all Apple traffic has been from Safari.” More here.

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  1. The other non-IE browsers’ percentages will probably pop back up again after a while. If other people are like me, many are trying out Safari at the moment but will continue to spend time in their old primary browsers because that is where their bookmarks are.

    I don’t know of an easy way to get OW bookmarks to Safari so I will be using OW for “real” work for the forseeable future.

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