Apple releases QuickTime 6.1 via Software Update

Apple today posted QuickTime 6.1 via the Mac OS X software update control panel, which Apple says delivers a number of quality and performance enhancements for audio, video, and full screen playback. Enhancements include the following:

• MPEG-4 video provides more accurate rate control and improved visual quality.
• AAC includes new encoder controls and new bit rate options.
• DV includes significant encode and decode performance improvements.
• QuickTime Pro users will enjoy enhancements in full screen playback, including newly enabled keyboard shortcuts for movie control, faster entry and exit, and improved playback performance.


  1. Beware! When I tryed to install QT 6.1, it took it upon itself to find my classic version of QT 5 (which is Pro) and was going to delete it. Needless to say I didn’t install it and it’s not up for a stand alone download yet.

  2. I just want to point out a strange thing about Quicktime 6.

    I have a dual-monitor set-up and when the MacWorld keynote was being broadcast I used the second display for a full-screen view of the stream. On the other screen where the dock is, I have a metering utility called CPU monitor which tells me how hard the processors are working. Well, while Quicktime was in full screen one processor was working full-time and the second about half-way, but when I came out of full screen mode and viewed the stream in a window (scaled to fit the screen) barely any system resources were being used. I would estimate in windowed mode Quicktime uses 25% of one CPU tops. I am not installing the QT 6.1 update unless it comes in a self-contained archive. I hope it is not as much of a system hog in full-screen mode as the previous version.

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