Safari can speak website text aloud

Safari, being a genuine Mac OS X application, is capable of reading text from websites and other sources. How? Simply highlight the text you’d like your Mac to speak (try the text below):

Hello. How are you, today? Nice to talk to you.

Then, with the text highlighted, go to the “Safari” menu, choose “Services,” then “Speech” and “Start Speaking Text.”

That’s all there is to it. Enjoy.


  1. It’s true that any Cocoa application can do it, but only if the programmers go through the work of coding the function in.

    Sevices do not happen all by themselves! They are a valuable addition to the OS X APIs, but are far from easy to deal with. The inclusion of comprehensive Services in the beta version of Safari is definately something to note – and appreciate. [Check out the Summarize function, for a good example of how this Service can be implemented so well that it actually becomes usable.]

    Now, if Apple can figure out how to include nice voices in OS X (that don’t require a huge processor and all your memory to work)…

  2. You got me there, but I just don’t see that it’s a big deal for Apple’s own program to conform to their own program standards… Well, considering it shouldn’t be the brushed theme (according to their guidelines), having services is seen as a feature.

    It’s good to see though, I just wish carbon apps could have those nifty services.

  3. >”Wow…a feature that has been around since Creatives SB16 ISA card on ix86 platform?”<

    Wow. . . a feature that took several years to duplicate from the original Mac in 1984? Impressive.

    History. All of it. Learn it. Love it. Use it.

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