NY Times: Safari and Keynote thrill Mac fans; infuriate Microsoft

During his Macworld Keynote, “Mr. Jobs dropped a pair of software bombshells sure to thrill Mac fans, and infuriate Microsoft. First, he introduced a Web browser called Safari (a free download at [url=http://www.apple.com]http://www.apple.com[/url], for Mac OS X only). Its three most important features are speed, speed and speed, loading Web pages in a third the time of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Next, he introduced Keynote, a presentation program like – or, rather, unlike – Microsoft’s PowerPoint. The new Apple program is a graphics powerhouse, not as full-featured as PowerPoint but with far superior typographical and visual effects,” write David Pogue for the NY Times. Read the full story here, free registration required.


  1. A misleading headline and an article that doesn’t deliver any substance. Like Microsoft is even threatened by a product that doesn’t run on Windows. If anything they will see what “Keynote” does well and incorporate those features into the next version of Power Point.

  2. I agree. I really don’t think M$ will care about a nonWindows presentation software. Keynote does beutiful graphics, but most people use PowerPoint to display text. Better than this, it is also PowerPoint compatable. I see this as a DreamWeaver like product. Many developers use DreamWeaver to jazz-up a FrontPage webpage, or use FrontPage to add proprietary M$ features to a DreamWeaver page. I think we’ll soon see the same symbiotic relationship between Keynote & PowerPoint. As for Safari, I love (and collect) various browsers, hopefully Safari will be added to this heap. However, the stiff system requirements, lack of tabs, lack of word-click Google searchs (like some Opera versions), and general newnes/ ruffness will keep it from being a killer browser. Of course M$ IE doesn’t have any of these features, but I keep using it regularly since some sites will only work with IE 4 (and above), or Netscape v.4. My school’s website is like this. So I cannot possibly see what M$ would care about eitherSW product…

  3. Not a bad headline, but an interesting article. Steve was interrupted 128 times by applause? can you spell sycophants? I bet it is easier for Steve to get a free blowjob than it ever was for Bill (Clinton). Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple’s innovation, and appreciate using their technology once the wintel people figure out how to steal it and sell it for half price, all the while using an o/s that does not obsolete my hardware after a couple years.

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