Apple offers Early Bird Special for new 12 and 17-inch PowerBooks

Order early and you’ll not only be one of the first people to get a new 12 or 17-inch PowerBook G4, you’ll also get an official launch t-shirt and a special day at an Apple retail store. A Mac Specialist will help you choose software and accessories for your new PowerBook and ring up your 10% discount (not on the PowerBook, it seems). A Mac Genius will install any new software you buy and answer any questions you have. “This is just the beginning of the first-class treatment you’ll get from Apple,” according to Apple’s site. Read it here.


  1. I for one am worried by Apple’s sudden foray into clothing. Frankly I find it kind of sad that people would shop for shirts, jackets etc at computer shops. I guess in the context of a culture where brand loyalty is worn with pride (be it Nike, Tommy Hillfiger, or the wonderfull range of Mettalica T-shirts) there is no surprise here. My point is, by all means buy your computers from Apple stores but shop for clothes anywhere else.

  2. what’s sudden about it? You have always been able to get apple-branded stuff at stores that sell mac stuff. If you are a mac fan, why shouldn’t you buy clothes from Apple? I sure feel a lot better supporting apple than some lemming consumerist label like Tommy or Hilfiger.

  3. buying a tommy shirt or nike clothing etc, is different. In that case you are buying the clothing from a clothing brand (with a big logo) because then people know you payed a lot for your clothing. Apple or Metallica shirts are different, you are supporting another cause (Mac’s or a band you like). It’s pretty obvious that Mac’s are different than PC’s and Metallica is different from N’Sync, but I think it would be much harder to tell my $3 t-shirts from the $27 Tommy one’s without the logo or looking at the tag.

  4. I have always been shocked that Apple hasn’t done more with the merchandising of their brand in the form of mugs and t shirts etc.
    They have to realize that they have one of the best most marketable brand names on the market and that their fans are some of the most rabid in the world willing to pay good money to wear/use Apple branded merchandise. If they want to increase the money coming in I would strongly recommend getting involved more in the merchandising (especially in the Apple stores – a lot of people who wouldn’t plunk down 400 dollars for a new ipod would have no problem coming up with 15 dollars for a tshirt on their next visit).
    They could even do a .mac promo. You pay the $99 and you get the mac tshirt and mug, mousepad grabbag. I can guarantee that this would be extremely profitable for them.

  5. I think Apple is working on it. We do not have Apple stores here in Australia but from what I have seen on the web they are designed to be very sparce so (in my opinion) a lot of space is wasted. If they put that spare scape to better use with non-computer products Apple could make more money. Maybe if they installed tables and served coffee & cake (apple-pie is an obvious choice) as well as free wireless access Mac fans would have a new place to socialise as well as somewhere new to put those new wireless cards to good use. What do you think?

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