Kensington MouseWorks for Mac OS X driver released

MouseWorks for Mac OS X is a driver for Kensington input devices running under Mac OS X. It provides enhanced acceleration, scrolling support, and configurability for Kensington’s current USB and ADB mice and trackballs, plus one-touch access to favorite web pages and applications using the DirectLaunch(tm) buttons on Kensington’s Turbo Mouse Pro trackball. The MouseWorks pane in System Preferences provides easy access to all settings. New in this version:

Pop-Up Menus. Design your own custom pop-up menu to appear when any mouse button is clicked. Pop-up menu commands can perform any MouseWorks command, including opening URLs, applications and files; sending keystrokes; pasting text; clicking mouse buttons (with or without modifier keys); and scrolling up or down.

Improved Acceleration Curves for High-Resolution Devices. Pointer movement for optical mice and trackballs with high-resolution sensors now has increased smoothness and precision.

HID Manager Support. MouseWorks has been optimized for use with Jaguar’s new driver architecture for input devices. This will provide improved compatibility with games, utilities, and other applications that rely on HID Manager.

The Ignore trackpad when mouse is present checkbox (in Mouse Preferences) for PowerBooks and iBooks now works under Jaguar.

More info and download links here.

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