19” iMac coming at MacWorld will cost approximately US$3499

“New iMacs are definitely coming, one of our sources told us. And the 15″ won’t be sold anymore. But that’s not really news you will say. The interesting thing is that the new iMacs will be sold for something like $3499, which is quite expensive. If we are to trust our source, they will have a 19″ screen and possibly some new technologies (Firewire2?) which could explain such a high price,” reports Cube-Zone. “MacBidouille reports rumors about MacWorld San Fracisco, including1GHz iMacs, 120GB drive, 512MB Ram, a higher priced iMac (1200-1400 euros higher), discontinuation of the 15″ iMacs, hardware sessions focused on wireless and mobile items,” reports MacRumors.


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