MacDailyNews ignores Microsoft’s ‘Ms. Moxie’ ad; promotes AppleWorks instead

Ms. M.o.X.i.e (Microsoft Office v. X Integrated Experience) was announced today. Wholly unimpressed with another blatant attempt by Microsoft to secure free advertising and promotion, MacDailyNews will not report on this feeble publicity sleepfest. No links or information regarding this non-story will be provided here. However, we would like to remind users that AppleWorks includes the ability to read and write Microsoft Word and Excel files. Anyone considering buying MS Office v.X (US$499 SRP) to simply read and write Word and Excel files, should first check out AppleWorks. For most Mac users, we’ve found, AppleWorks is the more sensible, affordable, and palatable choice. AppleWorks comes free with new consumer Macs and costs US$79.00 retail. More AppleWorks info here.

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