Feissmania hits new peak; Ellen’s first interview is now online

“Ellen Feiss is a lot like most 15-year-olds, with one notable exception: Some guy in Holland is wearing a T-shirt with her face on it right now. Actually, a lot of people are wearing that shirt with her picture or drinking coffee from a similarly themed mug purchased on one of Ellen’s numerous fan sites. After appearing in a “Switch” ad for Apple computer, Feiss quickly became an Internet celebrity, spawning stories in newspapers from coast to coast and sparking discussion in chat rooms across the world. There was even a look-alike contest held outside Amsterdam, although most of the entrants were men. Some have argued she seems a bit too, um, light-headed in her commercial, but that hasn’t stopped Leno and Letterman from trying to book her (actually, it probably helped). As a sophomore in high school, Ellen still isn’t quite sure what to make of her 15 minutes, but between meetings with her agent and MTV executives, she took some time to answer questions for Post,” writes Zachary Frechette who nabbed the first Ellen interview. For the record, it was seasonal allergies and Benadryl that caused Ellen’s “condition” during the shoot, according to Ellen herself. And she rightfully calls the Dell dude a “doofus.” Read it all here at the Brown Daily Herald before their server blows up.


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