PhotoStickies is simply sweet freeware

Use this program to stick multiple photos (located on your local drives or from the Internet) to your screen. Use as a fast image viewer, for webcam viewing, recording & replaying, to display slideshows, as a wallpaper-utility (e.g. view pictures of day/hour or periodically rotate through all images of a folder) or just as an advanced XTeddy-clone.

In contrast to already existing solutions all windows are borderless and may float above all or behind all windows (right on your desktop). As PhotoStickies supports (and even calculates) alpha channels and transparency, your stickies and background images don’t have to be opaque rectangles. And it’s possible to click right through top level images (aka overlay windows).

Additional features include realtime filtering of images, webcams and slideshows (e.g. blur, sharpen, contrast, brightness etc.) to improve display quality, a special webcam mode to save your bandwidth for other tasks or monitoring lots of webcams at the same time, reverting to saved state (on startup), favorites and zooming, rotating & flipping of images. And minimized webcam and slideshow windows are updated whenevery necessary and support fading.

In the end PhotoStickies can be run as a menu extra, is highly multi-threaded, supports multiple screens, drag & drop and all image-formats of Cocoa like PDF, EPS, PICT, TIFF, JPEG, Photoshop (PSD) or icons (ICNS, ICO) and provides contextual menus, a dock menu and processes/inspector panels. Info and download links here.

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