Aquataxx ‘Ataxx’ Mac OS X

A Cocoa version of the popular strategy game “Ataxx” with online play and chat. Play yourself, the computer, or a friend online. Sports 15 board configurations and 4 switchable visual appearances. Create more if you’d like. Now with better AI and clickable links in chat. Aquataxx is a great way to let off steam, challenge others, and meet new friends. Make sure you’re connected to the Internet. Launch Aquataxx. Look in the “Online Friends” tab in the chat drawer. Inside, you will find many others like yourself, from all over the world, waiting to meet you and play. Info and download link here.

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  1. I have updated Aquataxx:

    – Universal Binary
    – New “YinYang” appearance
    – New Roster Server may actually work

    There could be issues with your firewall not accepting incoming connections. If Apple wanted to continue to support Cocoa Java, I’d rewrite it so all the connections go through the server, but as-is, it’s peer-to-peer with a simple server that works a tad like a web server but not really.

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