Forbes calls TiBook ‘arguably the best notebook ever made’

“Apple’s… Titanium Powerbook notebooks, arguably the best notebook ever made, received a nice boost today… On the processor side, the machine now boasts a 1 gigahertz PowerPC G4 processor made by Motorola . But the other big news is the addition of a [slot-loading] DVD-burning SuperDrive to the machine. Previously, the best optical drive you could get on a Powerbook was one that could play DVDs but could only record data to CD-R and CD-RW discs,” writes Arik Hesseldahl for

Hesseldahl continues, “we’ve been playing around with it over the past few weeks and have decided that users who have resisted migrating from Mac OS 9 to OS X should give this new release serious consideration. Yes, it’s different, and yes, it takes some time to learn your away around–but it’s worth it. “

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