Apple gains U.S. marketshare

Market research firm International Data Corp.’s latest research numbers for Q1, 2002 show an increase in Apple’s market share in the United States. These first quarter 2002 numbers are “pre-Switch” campaign numbers. According to IDC, Apple is the number six computer maker with a 3.48% U.S. market share. This is an increase of 0.4 points over Q4 2001 and a 0.25 point increase year over year. Worldwide, Apple is in ninth place with a 2.4 percent market share. “In comparison, computer maker Dell is in first place in U.S. market share with 26 percent and worldwide with 14.3 percent. IDC analyst Roger Kay attributes Apple’s increased market share to “the strength of the iMac they introduced in January,” writes Jim Dalrymple for Read more here.

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